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This website provides information on different styles of prints and printing from around the world. Not only this but we also provide comprehensive telephone and email contact details for all the major UK retailers who have a line in prints and print-making. We also provide the details descriptions of certain types of artistic prints, how they are made and where you can find them. On top of all this we give ideas for how you can get your own prints made on household items and clothing, and the high street retailers who provide this service.

Some examples of companies who provide printmaking services are provided below, including high street retailers and smaller independent companies.

Big Cartel
Big Cartel are an online store that encourages professional artists to sell their prints and amateurs to have a go at making their own work and then buying their finished product whether this is a t-shirt, a mug, or even a picture. It provides a perfect platform for anyone wishing to build their artistic brand or just have a go at making prints.

Boots are one of the most famous UK high street retailers and a brand that are recognised for their quality and reliability. This reputation extends to their photography department, many stores do excellent prints too. Prints can be made onto mugs, t-shirts, cushions and screens of your favourite photographs. These prints make for excellent gifts for the special occasions that you celebrate with your loved ones. If you would like to speak to Boots about this service then you can phone them on 0115 950 6111. Or for enquiries related to items advertised or products purchased on the Boots.com website phone: 0345 609 0055.

Clothes 2 Order.com
This online retailers specialises in putting your personlly designed prints on a wide range of colthes it is a great way to design the perfect birthday, Christmas, wedding or aniversary gift for a special person in your life. You can contact this company on: 0800 012 2602

Snappy Snaps
Snappy Snaps are another high street retailer specialising in prints of your photographs and designs. You can either take in your product or buy one from them and they will then add your photograph or design to the specifications that you choose. Based in Kensington, you can contact them on: 020 7983 2325.