Boots Contact Number: 0345 070 8090

Contact the Boots pharmacy customer service team on 0345 070 8090 for information on photography and printmaking services in your local high street store.

Boots are a familiar brand to be found on the high street of most towns and cities in the UK. With a powerful online presence they are a major player in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and beauty industries. Bigger stores, and many smaller ones will have first class printmaking and phoography facilities where you can transfer your image of loved ones onto such items as cushions, mugs and gift cards. The beauty of using Boots for this purpose is that you can combine your visit to the shops with a browse through their photography department and enjoy making your photographs come to life in your own imaginative way. Make sure you take a digital copy of your photograph into the store so you can upload your image onto the Boots system and choose the product you want to have your image displayed on. One of the most popular choices of product are mugs which you can also add a text such as Happy Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary or Mothers / Fathers Day. Your loved one will surely relish the effort you have gone to and will enjoy having been remembered in such a personal way.

If you don’t have time to do this in-store you could also choose to use the Boots online printing service. All you have to do is create a Boots online account – you can also sign in as a guest – and upload your photograph and attach a message. Boots will then send the item to you. Make sure you order the item in advance of the celebration, leaving enough time for delivery.

Boots Contact Numbers

If you find fault with or would like to complain about a print that you have made in a Boots High Street store then you should contact the customer service team on 0345 070 8090.

If there are any problems with your online delivery then you should contact Boots one the following telephone number: Enquiries – 0345 609 0055