DIY Printmaking

For people who would like to try out the art of printmaking the first thing you have to decide is what type of prints you would like to make. A popular and modern form of printmaking is linocuts, where the aryist takes a piece of lino and adds their prints to it. You can buy these kits from online stores like Amazon from around £30.

For the more ambitious customers a good idea is the Titan 4 Colour Kit. This machine allows users to make clothing prints and even branch out into selling their goods online or in shops. They come complete with drying machines that will ensure your item comes out looking like it is made by professionals.

You can purchase one of these machines from Silk Screening Print supplies, based in Kent this family business sell many different types of products related to printing.


Amazon do an excellent line in linocutting and printing kits from around £30 you can purchase a complete kit with everything you need to get going, from the cutting and printing machine to the inks and or paints. You can also purchase starter kits for children. Contact Amazon on 0800 279 7234 to enquire about purchasing your first linoprinting kit.

Hobbycraft are a company who hep people to bring all their artistic dreams into a reality by selling a wide range of goods that encourage the hobbyist to exploren new ideas with products that are accessible and easy to use. They sell their productsat a reaonable price. You can contact them on 0845 051 6562.